Cube Concept

Pietro Artale

Pietro Artale in an architect with a degree in Architecture from the University of Palermo with honors and a master & doctorate in the research on antique contents.

He has produced many temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums such the Museum of Sacred Art for the Cathedral in Alcamo (TP). Pietro was also the project manager for the “Museo del Vino” Alcamo and he has overseen the restoration of the “Moderno Villagio Monte degli Ulivi di Riese”, a work of the Architect Leonardo Ricci.

He is currently working on many structures on a public level and also on a private level (interior design for living spaces) in the Sicilian Territory.

The Cube Concept by Pietro Artale

Intimate, natural and snug just like a cabin in the woods. Relaxing and at the same time recreational, The Cube Concept Room is a new way of interpreting a hotel room.

With all the comforts a guest is seeking in an atmosphere in which each detail is an amplified sensation. Warm wood and glass are the key details that highlight this concept.