Dream Line Concept

Ino Piazza

Since 2000, Ino Piazza has been dealing with interior design themes relative to prestigious living, commercial spaces and design objects. In his research , a profound observation for natural forms is the primary inspiration and used as the language during planning phases.

Mr. Piazza, in his spaces uses a geometry without any symbolic value; this then becomes a simple coding instrument in which he then measures the space in which man uses for functional and emotional needs. This will then become the archetype for the entire project.

The archtectual forms are characterized by fluid signs and dynamics, articulated and in continuous metamorphisis. The space is then interpreted with natural transcendent citations, where the form’s harmony is percieved by the user with major emotionality and well being.

The Dream Line concept by Ino Piazza

The Dream Line Concept was designed with the idea of creating an open space that has various functions with similar identities which interact with transparent illusions.

The bath itself was designed to recreate the atmosphere of a spa by showing some of its functions using glass, stone and cool colored walls.The vanity is a flowing and continuous curve giving this bathroom a different look. A large oval tub will give your guest a the possibilty to enjoy the spa enviroment in the privacy of their own room.

A large comfortable bed with distinctive curves inspires the Dream Line Concept. The curves then continue in the entertainment center which houses a large flat screen television giving the room a distinctive look.

The Dream Line concept is an Ultra modern room to be used in an upscale hotel with a fresh and trendy look.