The Comfort Line

Designed by GIUSEPPE CASCIO (Project Manager PAM snc)

Comfort and softness are the two main characteristics that define PAM’s Comfort line. A choice of a cushioned or leather head board is the main characteristic of this concept and the wood furnishings compliment and create the comfortable atmosphere this line was created for.

The Comfort Line boast an option which was created to offer a total immersion in comfort and relaxation.


A headboard incorporated with Universal LED lights in 12 colors complete with a remote control which gives a guest the possiblity to change color depending on their mood.

For example,a business traveller after a long day of work away from the comforts of his private home can return to his/her room and choose soft colors such as a sky blue or soft yellow to relax and feel as comfortable as possible away from home.

Visting a property which includes a spa, a guest can continue their relaxation therapy in the privacy of their own room by choosing a color that reflects the treatments they have had during a visit at the spa.

Another characteristic which we can highlight is using The Chromo Therapy Headboard with a specific theme, such as Nature with soft green lighting or an autumn theme by using warm colors like orange or red.

As you can see, The Comfort Line offers many possibilities which are created specifically for your guests needs and at the same time wants to create the same atmosphere they have in their own home.