Suspension Concept

Leonardo Manno

Leonardo Manno,architect specialized in Interior Design, Restoration, Residential Construction and urban qualification. With a degree in architecture from “La Sapienza” Rome and a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Pratt Institute, New York, he has become an expert in his field.

Using a modern and contemporary design together with avantguarde materials and simple lines, Leonardo has become a well known designer in the architecture and interior design field.

Minimalism, simple in form with particular attention to detail, allows Leonardo to create atmosphere which convey feeling and sensations.

The Suspension Concept by Leonardo Manno Interior Designer

Minimalism is the key word for this concept. In architecture , minimalism is a movement where the living space is reduced to its necessary elements. The light, form, detail of material and space represent the “essences” of this movement.

Simple in form with particular attention to detail, the architect’s idea of suspending the furniture pieces, gives the room a light airy clean feel. The design attempts to convey feelings and sensations using lines of force (strips of straight-grained wood) which are intended to convey the directional tendencies of objects through space and the world in constant movement.

The retro illumination inside the walls, gives the wall a glowing aspect that enriches the room’s decor with a trendy look and giving it a modern and fresh environment.

In suspending the furniture pieces, the hotel employee utilizes less time in the room turn over and cleaning process.

Elements that are included are: Bed structure, nighstands, desk, chair, minibar fridge furniture piece, storage shelf/bookcase with doors, wardrobe, luggage rack and wood/methacrylate translucent wall panels.