A motivated team

The first step was investing in its expansion with new technology both in our production department with avanteguarde machinery and in our technical department with new design programs to better the quality of our services in both areas.

The next step was creating a vast circuit of craftsmen in other sectors such as marble, glass, steel, plexiglass etc to create a complete product to offer clients. Using this network , our clients do not need to look elswhere to complete their products.

Another step taken was certification for DuPont Corian. Our company has the technology for working this high quality material that comes in many colors and can be used in many different environments. Using our creativity, PAM designers have used this material to accent each area of interest they have designed.

The final step PAM has taken, with the collaboration of all our team members from our designers, craftsmen to our production team is to concentrate on the hospitality industry. We have worked together to create a team dedicated to this continuously growing sector creating a network of architects and interior designers who will collaborate with you on your project in each step.

By taking all these steps, PAM has been able to grow rapidly becoming a reknowned name in the interior design sector. Even during an economical crisis on a worldwide level, we have been able to go beyond looking into other areas of interest and expanding. Partnerships with franchising brands in the retail sectors have given us the drive to continue during difficult moments. Now, we are ready for a new challange by taking on the demands of the hospitality industry.

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